Theme: “Leading Change: Quality Assurance, Tomorrow today”

Focus Areas

1. Dynamic learning, training,
and future-oriented skills in Higher Education.

a. Learning with others.
b. Learning through feedback and assessment.
c. Learning for Employability.
d. Learning for 21st-century competencies.
e. Human capital development.
f. Creativity and critical thinking.
g. Social and cognitive skills.

2. Disruptive Innovation to Change Learning
(Methodology/Process and Tools).

a. Adaptive Learning and Artificial Intelligence.
b. Brain-friendly science and cognitive neuroscience advancements.
c. Internet of things.
d. Automation and Robotics.
a. Effective Fundamentals in the Digital Age.
b. Online Assessment.
c. Open Online Courses.
d. Blended Learning.
e. Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs).
f. Learning Management Systems (LMS).
g. New platforms to teach coding skills.
h. Social & Digital Media in Education.

3. Developing Leadership and Management for learning professional skills and implementing complex change.

a. Quality and culture.
b. Quality assurance standards and application mechanism.
c. Quality management.
d. Governance and strategic planning.
e. Classification of university.
f. Creativity and excellence.
g. Marketing and Influence.

4. Teaching Excellence.

a. Teaching through Design.
b. Evidence-Based Strategies for Teaching.
c. Strategies for Teaching from the psychology of learning.