Submission of Papers

Researchers intending and interested in the 8th IACQA conference may submit all papers in Arabic, English or French. The maximum allotted pages for a research is 15 pages, including all visuals and graphics (diagrams, illustrations, table and list of references.) The cover page should include the title of the research, the name of author(s), the university or institution including the P.O. Box address, telephone and fax number, in addition to the e-mail address(es) of the author(s).

The paper should start with an abstract of the research in not more than 150 words, followed by key words. The corresponding pages should include an introduction, review of literature, methodology, results and analysis with future recommendations and directives. Full instructions can be found in the belowhere.

All papers should be typed in MS word 2003/2010 and addressed to the General Secretariat of the conference at Papers may also be uploaded via the electronic conference management system that can be accessed via the conference web site (

All papers will be peer-reviewed by experts and specialists in the field of domain. The evaluation of submitted papers is based on the importance and value of the research topic. Technical merits, innovation, reliability of results and outcomes, and clarity of presentation of paper are significant factors during the evaluation process. Each paper will be refereed by a minimum of two experts and specialized referees. Further inquiries should be submitted to the or

Lebanese applicants ONLY

Scientific & Technical Committee

Dr. Hasan Khachfe, Chair

Dr. Samir Abou Nassif

Dr. Ahmad Faraj

Dr. Mazen Kotob

Dr. Wassim Abou Yassin

Dr. Sanaa Chehayeb

Dr. Rimaz Herz

Dr. Anwar Kawtharani

Dr. Hosam Kasti

Dr. Meyassar Itani

Dr. Mariam El Abd

Dr. Laila Hamwi

Dr. Amin Haj Ali

Dr. Raymond Akiki

Dr. Bassam Hussein

Dr. Adnan Harb

Dr. Rima Bey

Dr. Tarek Harb

Dr. Ali Ghaddar

Dr. Mohammad Rashed

Dr. Fadi Yamout

Dr. Hasan Youness

Dr. Ali Halawi

Dr. Hassan Choubassi

Dr. Saleh Abdel Al

Dr. Hisham ElHage

Dr. Hassam Bazzi

Dr. Mohmoud Khaled

Dr. Hassan Haj Hussein

Dr. Mohamad Knio