Paper Format

Your paper must be carefully checked for correct grammar and spelling.

1. Maximum length is 30 pages

2. Manuscripts should be single-spaced, with a double space between paragraphs and a five-space paragraph indentation.

3. The paper should include:

– Title
– Author’s name’s affiliation, and present address.
– Abstract (maximum of 200 words)
– Keywords (maximum of four)
– An introduction, clearly explaining the nature of the problem, previous work, purpose, and contribution of the paper.
– A conclusion section, which should clearly indicate advantages, limitations, and possible applications.
– A reference section (see below)

4. The references should be numbered in alphabetical order by the first author’s last name Citations in the text should be by number and enclosed in square brackets, e.g. [1]. The following format for references should be followed:

– Journal papers: authors; (year) paper title (in Italic); title of journal; volume and number; and inclusive pages; for example: [1] Galton A., (1992), Logic as a Formal Method, Computer Journal, vol. 35, no. 2, pp. 431-440.
– Conference papers: authors; (Year) paper title (in Italic); title of proceedings; location; and inclusive pages; ; for example: [2] Downey A., (1997) Predicting Queue Times on Space Sharing Computers, in Proceedings of the 11th International Parallel Processing Symposium, Geneva, Switzerland, pp. 209-218.
– Books: authors; (Year) title (in Italics); publisher; and location; for example: [3] Hogger C., (1990) Essentials of Logic Programming, Clarendon Press, Oxford.

5. Diagrams and photographs must be of high quality. Diagrams and lettering must be either computer-designed or made using India ink (drafted). Photographs of diagrams are acceptable, but photocopies are not.

6. Papers poorly produced or incorrectly formatted may not be included in the proceedings.

Font Times New Roman.

Manuscript Title

– Type size 14 points*
– Style BOLD
– Alignment centered

Author Information

– Type size 10 points*
– UPPER CASE for the name
– Upper and lower case for the address
– Style NORMAL
– Alignment centered under the title

Abstract Information

– Type size 10 points*
– The word ABSTRACT is centered and type style BOLD
– Type style ITALIC for other text

Keywords Information

– Type size 10 points*
– Title case for the word Keywords and
– Typestyle ITALIC & BOLD
– Typestyle ITALIC for other text
– Alignment is justified under the abstract information


– Type size 13 points*
– Style BOLD
– Alignment left

Sub Headings

– Type size 12 points*
– Style BOLD
– Alignment Left

Body Text

– Type size 10 points*
– Upper and Lower case
– Style NORMAL
– Left & right Alignment

Illustrations and Graphs

– Type size 8 point minimum*
– Upper & lower case caption
– Style NORMAL
– Centered Under one or two columns of body

Lebanese applicants ONLY

Scientific & Technical Committee

Dr. Hasan Khachfe, Chair

Dr. Samir Abou Nassif

Dr. Ahmad Faraj

Dr. Mazen Kotob

Dr. Wassim Abou Yassin

Dr. Sanaa Chehayeb

Dr. Rimaz Herz

Dr. Anwar Kawtharani

Dr. Hosam Kasti

Dr. Meyassar Itani

Dr. Mariam El Abd

Dr. Laila Hamwi

Dr. Amin Haj Ali

Dr. Raymond Akiki

Dr. Bassam Hussein

Dr. Adnan Harb

Dr. Rima Bey

Dr. Tarek Harb

Dr. Ali Ghaddar

Dr. Mohammad Rashed

Dr. Fadi Yamout

Dr. Hasan Youness

Dr. Ali Halawi

Dr. Hassan Choubassi

Dr. Saleh Abdel Al

Dr. Hisham ElHage

Dr. Hassam Bazzi

Dr. Mohmoud Khaled

Dr. Hassan Haj Hussein