Dr. Hafida Mderssi

Dr. Hafida Mderssi

Director of the Reception Information Orientation and Monitoring Center (CAIOS)
Muhammad V University of Rabat, Morocco

Mderssi Hafida is full professor and Coordinator of the sector: ”French Studies and Education“, from the Faculty of Education Sciences at the University Mohammad V of Rabat. She is also Director of the Reception, Information, Orientation and Monitoring Center. In 2003 she obtained the National Doctorate, Specialty in Linguistics (Pragmatics).

Since 1985, Prof. Mderssi has been teaching at college, high school, and university. She is also involved in Supervision of trainees (future teachers) of the following institutions: Regional Pedagogical Center – Rabat, Faculty of Sciences of Education and Ecole Normale Supérieure – Rabat.

Member of the Supreme Council responsible for the validation of the work of the professors in charge of inspection with a view to their integration as inspectors of secondary education from 17 to 23 April 2008- AREF – Rabat.

From June 2011 she is also Member of the National Commission in charge of the French Spelling Correction Project and Facilitator of workshops: theater, writing, storytelling, autoscopy, … Prof. Mderssi has been also designated representative of the University in international projects and programs such as:

Econo Win Program GIZ: Female Mentoring

Tempus: RUMI Project (Network of Moroccan Universities for Inclusive Education)

Erasmus + UNIMED: Project ”RESUME“ (Network of Universities of the Mediterranean)

ERASMUS + PACES (Progression of Accessibility Centers in Higher Education for Students with Disabilities in North Africa)